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AlterHosting LLC. Web site, mail and application hosting provider.
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Turn key e-commerce solutions.
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New PLESK Control panel

Latest most reliable version of PLESK Obsidian v.18.0.50 installed on AlterHosting servers should make account management easier for you. Click to see the list of new features in PLESK panel. Animated PLESK Tutorials, HMTL and PDF PLESK manual.


New BackUp Solution

Now you can download READY Site Backup, Mail Backup and MySQL Backup. Now it'll take minutes to download the backup and there is no down time.


New Plans and Prices Launched!

Unbeatable Offer So Far!

We're glad to announce New Plans are launched! You can choose the most cost effective solution for your particular needs. We believe these plans will give you more flexibility, allowing you to minimize your expences while getting the most for your money:

  • Starter Hosting Package for only $4.99/mo. Best solution if you need a personal or small business site and affordable price is your main concern.
  • Hit Hosting Package for $7.99/mo. With plenty of resource (1 000 MB disk space and 10 GB traffic) Hit Package will suit most demanding needs of small, medium and large businesses and corporate sites.
  • Master Hosting Package for $29.99/mo. With Master Hosting Plan you can host as many domains as you want. An ideal choice for resellers, web developers, design companies.
  • Personal Mail Solution for only $29.99/year.
  • Corporate Mail Solution for $79.90/year. Unlimited data transfer and Unlimited number of MailBoxes will give you more power and flexibility.

This is unbeatable offer so far! You can compare new prices and new plans details here. Call us now to get more information and support!


We protect your Mail from Spam and Viruses

DrWEB AntiVirus Software

Advanced Virus protection software currently includes over 53,000 known viruses and features daily automatic updates, so your protection is always up-to-date! DrWEB AntiVirus Software will automatically scan all attachments you receive before you open them. FREE with all our services! Read how it works...


Spam Protection

Three different antiSpam systems (rblsmtpd SPAM filtering, SpamAssassin, and user definable rules-based spam filtering) helps to eliminate and remove up-to 98% of junk mail and viruses from your inbox. And it's absolutely FREE with all our services! Read how it works...


PERL Hosting Service

PERL Scripting

If you want to host your PERL scripts on a fully load-balanced, complex hosting infrastructure, AlterHosting is the right place. WebHosting plans that support PERL start from $4.99/mo. Version of PERL supported is PERL v5.8.5.


Modules supported

You can view modules installed on the servers here. Any modules not listed, can be included on request, if they are standard CPAN modules. You can install customised modules yourself.

Mail Solution $29.9/year

10 mail boxes such as; POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Webmail; Improved Virus and SPAM Protection; 100% Ad FREE; MailMan Mailing list; 24/7 Customer Support...

Need to Host Mulitple Domains

With Master Hosting Plan you can host as many domains as you want. For only $29.99/mo you can get 5 GB of Disk Space plus 5 GB Backup Disk Space and Unlimited traffic. This is unbeatable offer so far!

$4.99/mo for Site Hosting

Why pay more for a simple information web site or for hosting a personal domain if you get all you need with Starter Hosting package, for only $4.99/mo:

  • 150 MB disk space
  • 3 GB data transfer
  • 50 Mail boxes
  • Control panel, stats...

Not sure where to start?

Compare our hosting plans, to find a solution for your needs. All our plans offer you guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7 e-mail support, confidentiality and scalability.

Build Your Site Yourself

You can create the site you want and manage and maintain it with ease. A lot of templates to choose from. No FTP or HTML knowledge is required. Try WordPress - powerful and easy tool with many free templates and plugins for every purpose.

Supported Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, Dinners Club, OnlineCheck
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