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Dr. WEB Virus Protection

Dr. WEB - your email is safe and clean!

DrWEB AntiVirus Software is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. DrWEB is FREE is with all AlterHosting packages for all AlterHosting users! DrWEB virus database is updated daily and presently lists more than 53,000 known viruses, thereby providing the high-level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their files.

Virus scan features

Antivirus program Doctor Web for Unix systems features include:

  • Doctor Web, a new generation of a virus scanner, searches and kills file and boot viruses, as well as combination viruses, which infect both files and boot sectors.
  • Dr. Web Daemon intercepts all attempts to access files and disk system areas and checks them for viruses "on-the-fly" first. Having detected a virus, Dr. Web Daemon removes or locks it, granting access to the infected file only if it has been successfully cured.
  • A highlight of Dr.Web that differ it from other scanners is the heuristic analyzer along with the traditional mechanism for detecting viruses by signatures (a specific byte string in the virus code that definitely identifies the virus).
  • Updates for new virus-extensions daily.

Presale FAQ

Q: If I sign up, how soon my site will be on-line?

A: Your site will be on-line as soon as new domain name registration in completed, that takes about 24 hours for new domains, or as soon as DNS propagation is completed for existing domains (about 48 hours after you make successful changes to Domain Name Servers (DNS). Still you can login to Customers Area to manage your account immediately after you sign up.

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