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UNIX Hosting Platform

No one can afford for their hosting to be down. We here at AlterHosting know that. Our experience has led us to choose UNIX to provide the highest levels of performance, availability, and reliability possible for your company.

UNIX Operating System - STABLE, FAST, SECURE

The UNIX network operating system was designed from the beginning to handle high levels of network traffic and process the requests of thousands and thousands of users simultaneously all while keeping the system secure.
Web hosting servers are described by this exactly - thousands of visitors being served simultaneously. For this reason UNIX hosting is the right choice for most major educational, government, and Internet organizations, and is certainly the web hosting platform of choice for AlterHosting and its customers.

UNIX Server Software

The common UNIX server software included with our UNIX hosting are Apache Web Server, Perl, PHP and MySQL all of which users can administer through their control panel.


In the world of web site hosting there are two main types of operating system platforms on which you may host your web site, namely: UNIX and Windows. Each has its own set of unique features, advantages and disadvantages.

Why choose UNIX hosting?

Reason 1 : Stability

UNIX systems - we actually use Linux but for comparison purposes they are identical - are hands-down the winner in this category. There are many factors here but to name just a couple big ones: in our experience UNIX handles high server loads better than Windows and UNIX machines seldom require reboots while Windows is constantly needing them. Servers running on UNIX enjoy extremely high up-time and high availability/reliability.

Reason 2: Performance

While there is some debate about which operating system performs better, in our experience both perform comparably in low-stress conditions however UNIX servers under high load (which is what is important) are superior to Windows.

Reason 3: Scalability

Web sites usually change over time. They start off small and grow as the needs of the person or organization running them grow. While both platforms can often adapt to your growing needs, Windows hosting is more easily made compatible with UNIX-based programming features like PHP and MySQL. UNIX-based web software is not always 100% compatible with Microsoft technologies like .NET and VB development. Therefore if you wish to use these, you should choose Windows web hosting.

Reason 4: Compatibility

Web sites designed and programmed to be served under a UNIX-based web server can easily be hosted on a Windows server, whereas the reverse is not always true. This makes programming for UNIX the better choice.

Reason 5: Price

Servers hosting your web site require operating systems and licenses just like everyone else. Windows and other related applications like SQL Server each cost a significant amount of money; on the other hand, Linux is a free operating system to download, install and operate. Windows hosting results in being a more expensive choice.


To sum it up, UNIX-based hosting is more stable, performs faster and more compatible than Windows-based hosting. You only need Windows hosting if you are going to developing in .NET or Visual Basic, or some other application that limits your choices.

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Note (Ms FrontPage):

It is a common misconception that sites created with Microsoft FrontPage must be hosted on Windows servers. Although FrontPage is a Microsoft product, FrontPage Webs can be hosted perfectly on a UNIX web server with FrontPage Extensions installed

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