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Apache Web Server and Web Hosting Features

Every web site needs Web Server to live on the Internet.

And it the quality of Web Server that determines web hosting features a hosting presence company can offer to the customers. That is why AlterHosting runs Apache Web Server, that has been the most popular and feature-rich, powerful and reliable, user configurable and extensible with third-party modules. Most important Apache web hosting features you benefit with AlterHosting Web Hosting Services:

  • graphical web site statistics
    • Modlogan, Analogue etc
    • Statistic representation in graphs and tables
    • A lot of reports (visits, pages viewed, referrers, user agents, search engine robots, search strings etc)
  • raw logs
    • detailed look at your site's visitors
    • detailed information about the errors in your scripts
  • .htaccess
    • password protecting folders
    • statistic representation in graphs and tables
    • custom error pages
    • changing your file extensions
    • banning users with certain IP addresses
    • only allowing users with certain IP addresses
    • stopping directory listings
    • using a different file as the index file
    • and more web server settings on user level
  • mod_rewrite
    • redirect failing requests
    • provide the optimum of browser dependent content
    • create a dynamic mirror
    • automatically refresh the page every time there is a new version
    • block a robot from retrieving pages of a specific webarea
    • block hotlinking (making hyperlinks to your images and generating useless traffic)
    • and more
  • mod_ssl
    • Secure Sockets Layer
    • Transport Layer Security protocols
    • Data encryption
  • error_docs
  • mod_cgi
  • mod_perl
  • mod_so
  • mod_php
  • mod_access
  • mod_python
  • mod_includes (Server Side Includes)
  • mod_negotiation
  • Apache:ASP

Presale FAQ

Q: If I sign up, how soon my site will be on-line?

A: Your site will be on-line as soon as new domain name registration in completed, that takes about 24 hours for new domains, or as soon as DNS propagation is completed for existing domains (about 48 hours after you make successful changes to Domain Name Servers (DNS). Still you can login to Customers Area to manage your account immediately after you sign up.

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