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DATABASES and Database Hosting Features

Database Support That Makes Your Site Live

Databases came in use much earlier than Internet and Web Hosting Services. Their primary goal was to keep the data and allow easy data manipulation. But now you can hardly imagine a site or hosting services without Database Features. Even Address Book in your Webmail Program needs a Database. Simple GuestBook on your site will require a Database, Forum will need Database support as well... AlterHosting provides not only Database Support but also user-friendly web-based interface that allow even to a web novice to manage a database easily.
To make it even easier we at AlterHosting help our clients move their databases from previous hosting service providers. Database Hosting Features provided by AlterHosting include:

  • Database Support
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • Web-Based Management Interface
    • Unlimited database creation
    • Database users and passwords management
    • Importing/exporting data
    • Making a dump and restoring database from a dump

Presale FAQ

Q: How do I transfer my domain name to your servers?

A: The process is very simple and it is explained below. First you must contact your registrar. Your registrar is the company that you used to register your domain name. Some registrars have the ability for you to login and change the DNS settings; others don’t.The settings you need to change are called DNS (Domain Name Server) servers.
You'll receive DNS settings immediately after sign up. If any questions, please contact us.

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