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Multimedia Applications Hosting Features

MultiMedia Applications That Drive Visitors to Your Site

To really drive your message to your site visitors you often need to rely on the latest production techniques that can deliver interactivity to your target audience. Multimedia applications come in many different varieties, all of which allow you to create visual and or audio enhancements to your website. Multimedia technologies allow web surfers to watch films, play music, play games. Multimedia features support allow you to present information in different formats, for example special formats for mobile phones or pocket PCs.
Multimedia Hosting Features supported by AlterHosting include:

  • Streaming Audio
  • Streaming Video
  • Shockwave and Flash support
  • Image Manipulation support
  • Image Magick support
  • NetPBM support
  • GD library support
  • MIME types support
  • MIDI support
  • WAP/WML support
  • MP3 support
  • Java Applets support

Presale FAQ

Q: Are sub-domains included with my account?

A: Yes, we allow unlimited number of subdomains per account. FREE of charge. Each subdomain needs to have a disk space and bandwidth quota. This quota will be taken from your main hosting account. You can submit a subdomain request by filling out a support request and requesting it.

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