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  1. What is PSA?
  2. What can I do with Plesk Server Administrator?
  3. Which FrontPage components does PLESK support?

Q: What is PSA?

A: With our hosting packages we also offer web-based control panel PLESK , that allows you to remotely administer your account.
With PLESK Server Administrator you don’t have to depend on your Internet provider’s system administrator to manage tasks such as adding e-mail accounts, changing domain parameters or obtaining an SSL certificate; you can do it all via PSA’s graphical user interface. PSA is user freindly.You don’t have to know operating commands or complex programming languages.

Q: What can I do with Plesk Server Administrator?

A: By accessing PSA through your web browser (Netscape 4.x+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x+), you can:

  • view and change your client record
  • change your login password
  • reconfigure your domain
  • change your hosting settings
  • create CSR’s or self-signed certificates or install SSL certificates (IP-based hosting only)
  • create e-mail boxes, redirects, groups or autoresponders
  • create web users
  • create protected directories
  • view status statistics relating to your disk space and traffic

Q: Which FrontPage components does PLESK support?

A: PSA warns you of any consequences before allowing you to execute a major change!

PSA installs FrontPage 2000 extensions for Unix/Linux.

PLESK supports the following FrontPage components:

  • FP Site Search
  • FP Mail reply FP Discussion Forum (bulletin board or chat)
  • FP Counter

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